Send Secure – Send & Receive Encoded SMS

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Send Secure – Send & Receive Encoded SMS


Send Secure helps you prevent espionage and protect your privacy by sending encoded SMS.

Some governments and malicious hackers can abuse your privacy by hijacking your SMS communication. You have the right for privacy in your correspondence (Universal Declaration of Human Rights article 12 & 18). Don’t be a victim. Protect yourself by using Send Secure.

Send Secure¬†encodes your SMS before it leaves your phone, and only decodes it when it reaches your recipient’s phone. Anyone else trying to intrude on your communication will only see meaningless characters. (ex. %$fsd^#r3489y#$FSD)

Make sure your recipient also has Send Secure¬†installed so they’ll be able to decode your message.

Note: The app encrypts and sends SMS using the normal SMS channels, so sending SMS is not free and is billed to you by your service provider.




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For Android 2.3+

Available in Android Market

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