Moujaz – Article Summarizer

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Moujaz – Article Summarizer


Moujaz summarizes articles. It makes it easier for you to read articles on your smartphone, and enables you to quickly skim through the article summary instead of spending time reading the whole article.

Every day, we come across tens of articles. We don’t have time to check them all out, so we either save them for later viewing, or we end up not looking at them at all. Most articles are also usually created for newspapers or desktop web browser reading, but we usually check them out through our smartphones, which makes them harder to read. Most content isn’t meant to be viewed on a small screen.



Traditional articles are usually long because they’re designed for newspapers and websites. The old-school traditional reader usually focuses on one newspaper or new website. However, today’s internet readers and mobile users have access to many information sources and thus do not have time to read long articles such as those in news papers. They just want the right info, right now, whether on the desktop or on their smartphones. This puts content providers in a new challenging situation: provide shorter summaries that fit users’ tastes… or die.



Moujaz is an automated summary extraction service that provides summaries in real time. It provides a mini version of an article, suitable for smartphones’ small screen and perfect for quick skimming. Through Moujaz, publishers can provide a shorter mini version of their content without exerting any extra effort. This provides their readers with a better reading experience.

Differentiating Factor:


Moujaz supports Arabic summaries! Moujaz is ready to use as a web service with a flexible integration model that allow online news publishers to integrate it & start using it in less than 1 hour.
To learn more about Moujaz, visit its official website:


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