What We Do

Azkatec offers the following services:

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web & Software Development


How We Do It


Our aim is to deliver high quality mobile apps for the masses; apps that solve day to day problems yet honor mobile user experience. Tens of thousands of apps are released in mobile stores yet a very small fraction of them are actually useful and truly successful.

The reasons behind this are:

  • Developers are replicating web experience on the mobile, which is not quite right since web pages are meant to be used behind a desk on a 17″ screen, with a mouse, and on a cheap super fast internet connection. Mobile apps on the other hand, are meant to be used on the go, via finger touch, small screens and on a somewhat slow and expensive internet connection.
  • IT managers and marketing managers are trying to ride the mobile wave, but they are negotiating mobile apps development the same way they used to negotiate websites. Websites development is a mature business compared to mobile; there are so many existing templates and well known best practices that honor the user experience of web users, which is something that is still missing for mobile users.
  • Due to the shortage of skills in their IT departments, managers tend to outsource their mobile app development. The hired freelancers usually only care about quickly getting their money; finishing their work fast and sloppy, so the business stakeholders end up missing the quality target of their mobile strategy.


At Azkatec we do it the other way around. We have the experience and the know-how in the form of an unrivaled team, and we commit to the success of our developed mobile apps. We innovate, you reach!




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